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New analysis: 30% of chemical Safety Data Sheets tested include inaccurate warnings that put workers at risk

New Analysis Finds 30% of Chemical Safety Data Sheets Tested Include Inaccurate Hazard Warnings that Put Workers at Risk

Toxic Fragrance Ingredients Uncovered in a Clearya and CSCP Collaboration

Clearya and the CA Dept. of Public Health help you spot toxic fragrance ingredients that are excluded from the label

How to choose nontoxic period products

Some period products may contain toxic chemicals. How to choose safer tampons, menstrual cups, pads, pantyliners and period underwear?

PFAS in cosmetics: Clearya and GSPI found PFAS in 1,000 products from 120 brands

Potentially toxic PFAS was found in 1,000 cosmetics products from 120 brands, in a collaboration between Clearya and Green Science Policy Institute.

Be On The Safe Side. Only 2 Sunscreen Filters Are Considered Safe, Says The FDA

How to choose a sunscreen that really protects you, and the science behind the FDA's announcement that 14 out of 16 sunscreen active ingredients may not be safe and effective.

Say no to PFAS: CEH is teaming up with Clearya to help you shop safer

For years, we've tested products to give you the resources to make the best decisions for your family's health. But we know it’s still not easy, not when there’s so much information to consider while you’re shopping.

Clearya and Ecology Center partner to help online shoppers find cookware without toxic coating

Cooking and baking pans tested for PFAS by the Ecology Center are flagged by the Clearya browser plugin and mobile app while shopping online.

Clearya joins forces with Breast Cancer Prevention Partners

How Clearya and BCPP aim to create a healthier future for you.

Can Talc in your makeup and baby powder cause Cancer?

Is baby powder contaminated with asbestos? Is talc in makeup safe? Clearya explains everything you should know about talc.

ChemSec and Clearya partner to help online shoppers avoid toxic chemicals in daily products

Clearya and ChemSec join forces to help online shoppers avoid toxics, in response to the rise in online shopping due to COVID-19 social distancing.

How Air Pollution Makes COVID-19 More Deadly

Earth Day 2020: How Air Pollution Makes COVID-19 More Deadly

Surprise: Bamboo Cups Could Spice Up Your Hot Beverage With Cancer-Causing Formaldehyde

Reusable bamboo cups may not be safe for hot drinks, according to a German federal institute. What should you use instead?

Report: Breast Cancer Related Chemicals In Personal Care Products

Are Breast Cancer Related Chemicals Common in Personal Care Products? We Reviewed 8,000 Product Ingredient Lists To Find Out.

Survey: Sorority Students Fear Their Makeup Ingredients Cover Up More Than Their Skin

College students question the safety of the ingredients in their beauty products. Here’s what you should do:

BPA-Free? Not What You Expected

One more thing you should know when you send your kids back to school: "BPA-Free" is not what you expected. Read this before stocking up on lunch boxes and water bottles for your children.

Why You Should Be Making Your Own Deodorant (recipe included) 

If you're someone who's concerned about unsafe ingredients in your deodorant AND you don’t want to walk around smelling less than your best all day, make your own deodorant! here's how: ...