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Shop Non-toxic Like a Boss with the Clearya App: A Quick Guide

Shop Non-toxic Like a Boss with the Clearya App: A Quick Guide

🌱 Welcome to Clearya!

Clearya makes your journey to non-toxic shopping easier. As you shop, it'll give you a heads-up about any sketchy ingredients, and even point you toward safer alternatives.

What can Clearya cover?

You’ll find everything from makeup (lipstick, eye shadow, blush, foundation, etc.) to personal care (body lotion, shampoo, hair products, bath products, etc.), to cosmetic products making a medical claim (sun screen, toothpaste, deodorant, acne cream, anti-aging products, etc). Period products, baby care and cleaning supplies are analyzed by Clearya too. But remember, Clearya it’s not designed for food, supplements, or medicines.

How does Clearya work?

  • Online Shopping: Whether you're browsing Amazon, Target, Sephora, or other major retailer websites, just type in a product or paste a link, and voilà! Clearya will flag chemicals of concern in the ingredient list for you.
  • Offline Adventures: Checking out products in a store? Snap a picture of the label, and Clearya will do its magic, analyzing each ingredient for potential harm to your health.
  • Stay connected: Clearya goes wherever you go! Get the mobile app for your iPhone, iPad and Android phone. Or if you're on a computer, it’s available as a browser extension for Chrome and Edge.

Understanding Clearya Alerts 🚦

Clearya color-codes ingredients for easy understanding:

  • Red: Stay away! These are banned and/or toxic.
  • Orange: Approach with caution - they're potentially harmful.
  • Yellow: Heads up for potential allergens.
  • Cyan: Allowed with restrictions.
  • Light Blue: Ingredients without proper disclosure.
  • Green: All clear, no worries!

Product Alert Symbols:

If you see a triangle, its color indicates the topmost concern for the product. And the number inside the circle? That's the total alerts, not a safety score.

Make Clearya Yours!

Get alerts that matter to YOU. Tailor Clearya's notifications according to what you want to know: head to the menu, tap "Alert Settings," and pick your preferences.

Diving Deeper into Clearya’s Alerts 🌊

Understanding Clearya's color-coded alerts can help you make better choices for you and your loved ones:

  • Red Alert (Banned and/or Toxic): These are the "no-nos." We're talking about chemicals linked to cancer, infertility, developmental harm in babies, hormone disruption, and more. It's best to avoid these.
  • Orange Alert (Potentially Toxic): A bit tricky, but here's the gist.
    • Form Matters: A chemical might be risky if inhaled from a powder but okay in a liquid.
    • Hidden Issues: Some ingredients can have unwanted extras. For instance, certain compounds (like PEGs) can contain tiny amounts of toxic 1,4-dioxane as a manufacturing by-product. Then there's talc, which might be contaminated with asbestos, a known carcinogen.
    • Animal Studies: Some ingredients are suspected to be harmful for humans based on animal tests.
  • Yellow Alert (Potential Allergens): These can be synthetic or completely natural. What matters is your individual reaction. Many people would be fine with them, while others could get an allergic reaction.
  • Cyan Alert (Allowed with Restrictions): These ingredients are permitted for use by some international regulators, but with certain limitations. For example, some might say “not for babies” or only allow them up to a specific amount. The challenge is that brands typically don't always disclose the concentration.
  • Light Blue (Generic Ingredients): Think of these as the "mystery mix." General words like "Fragrance" or “Parfum” on a label can hide a cocktail of many ingredients – some harmless, some not.

Understanding "No Alerts" 🔍

Clearya's screening of the label is based on brand-provided ingredient lists, which can sometimes be incomplete. Even with a "No Alerts" status, it's a good idea to glance over the list. If it seems off, let us know and proceed with caution.

Making informed choice 🧭

It's not about strict "yes" or "no" rules. Here's a plan:

  • Finding Your Pace: Maybe start by avoiding the red alerts. Later, cut down on the oranges, and so on. It’s like adjusting the volume on your music; find what's comfortable for you.
  • The 'Unknowns': Some alerts, such as those labeled "potentially toxic," are guided by the precautionary principle. While we might flag an ingredient as potentially harmful, its exact level of harm in a specific product isn't always definitive. Additionally, there's the concern of cumulative exposure when using multiple products. Given the uncertainty, it's wise to minimize your exposure to these ingredients.
  • The ‘Allowed with Restrictions’: These ingredients are like puzzle pieces with missing sections. Without full info on amounts and exposure levels, the whole picture isn’t clear. Why not err on the side of caution: consider reducing your usage.

One Quick Tip: 🌟

Consider cutting back on products that list "Fragrance" or “Parfum” as an ingredient. You could be avoiding undisclosed hormone disrupting chemicals, and this small step can make a big difference to your continued good health!

Clearya's Promise:

  • Trust is Key: No biases here! Clearya doesn't partner with retailers and does not accept payments or sponsorships for vetting brands.
  • Privacy First: Clearya is all about ingredient safety. It doesn’t keep tabs on you. Your info stays private.
  • A Breath of Fresh Air: No ads! Clearya keeps going thanks to kind donations and public health initiatives, not by promoting products.

A Little Backstory:

Clearya sprouted from a personal journey following a cancer ordeal. Since then, it has been used by consumers millions of times! And hey, it's been talked about by big names like HBO Max and the New York Times. Beyond the app, Clearya partners up for 'Data for Good' projects with nonprofits, scientists, and governmental agencies, all to advance environmental health and justice using cool tech! Discover some of our collaborative projects.

Lend a Hand 🤝

Spotted an ingredient goof-up? Or got a cool suggestion? Shoot an email to Every bit helps in making Clearya even better!

Get Clearya - it's free!

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Disclaimer: the content in this blog post is provided for general information, and does not substitute any medical advice by your own doctor or another health care professional. Contact for questions or comments.