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Is Clearya free?
It's completely free to install and use Clearya. Clearya is not affiliated with brands, doesn't accept brand sponsorships, and doesn't display ads. To keep Clearya free and unbiased and avoid conflicts of interest, this service is funded by donations. If you'd like to give back, please donate to help us continue to develop Clearya for you. Thank you!

Are donations to Clearya tax-deductible?
Donations to Clearya are facilitated by the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment, serving as Clearya's fiscal sponsor. The Rose Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and your donation for Clearya is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. To claim a donation as a deduction on your U.S. taxes, please keep your email donation receipt as your official record.

How do you determine which ingredients are unsafe?
We compare the ingredient names to science-based data by regulators, governmental health departments, and scientific research. When we alert on an ingredient, we reference the source. You can find the list of these sources in the How it Works page. In addition to analyzing ingredient lists of beauty, personal care, baby care and cleaning products, we collaborate with product testing labs to inform shoppers of undisclosed contaminants found in several other product types.

How does Clearya select products as related alternatives?
When you browse a product Clearya may display a list of related products for which Clearya did not identify unsafe ingredients, carried by the same shop. The collection of related products will be growing over time: when Clearya users browse new products Clearya automatically assesses their ingredient safety and adds relevant products to the alternatives collection, for the benefit of the other users. Clearya is not paid by brands or retailers for including their products.

Does Clearya alert on unsafe ingredients in food?
Not at this time. We currently focus on beauty, personal care, baby care and cleaning products, as well as other product types tested by our product testing lab partners.

How did Clearya start?
Read our story

How to interpret Clearya's alerts?
Read our guide.


What can Clearya see when I browse the web?
The Clearya mobile app can access only the shopping websites that you browse inside the Clearya app and has no access to the regular browser in your phone. The Clearya browser extension is authorized to access only the supported shopping websites (currently: Amazon, Target, Sephora, iHerb, and Walmart) once permitted by you, and the website. Clearya has no access to any other website you browse to. Clearya reads product information in the shopping website page, and displays the results on top of the page. Clearya does not collect or change any personal information in the page.

What information does Clearya collect?
In order to analyze ingredient lists, once permitted by you Clearya collects product-related information (product name, ingredient names, etc.) when you visit supported shopping websites (currently: Amazon, Target, Sephora, iHerb, and Walmart).
To make things clear: we 'track' products, not people. Clearya doesn't even ask for your email to use the app or browser extension. We do not access or collect information from any other website, and we do not collect any of your personal information (unless you decide to email us, in which case we obviously use the email address in your message in order to reply).
When you use the "Capture Ingredients" feature to analyze product labels we may store and process the product photos that you decide to send us through the app.
In order to improve Clearya, we also collect anonymous technical data related to how users engage with our application: which buttons are clicked, browser version, etc.
Please read our privacy policy for the full details and contact us if anything is unclear.

Do you sell my personal info to third parties?
Absolutely not. We don't and we will never sell your personal information to third parties.

Technical issues

I need technical support with Clearya.
Please contact us at and we'll do our best to help.

Which browsers are supported?
The Clearya browser extension is currently supported on Chrome and Edge browsers on a computer. We are planning to support additional browsers in the future. The Clearya mobile app uses an internal browser.

Can I use Clearya on my mobile phone?
Yes! you can download the Clearya mobile app for iPhone and iPad on the App Store, and for Android on Google Play. (The Clearya browser extension works on a computer).

I'm getting alerts on too many ingredients!
If you feel overwhelmed, you can switch off some alert categories from the Settings page within the Clearya extension.

The product I'm looking for isn't sold on a shopping website supported by Clearya.
We're sorry about that. Please email us at and we'll try to help.

The product I'm interested in doesn't have an ingredient list.
Sometimes shopping websites offer products without providing their ingredient list online. We can often complete the missing ingredient list from another source when this happens. If the ingredients are still missing, please let us know at and we'll try to help you.

Clearya says the category of the product I'm interested in is unsupported.
We currently focus on analyzing beauty, personal care, baby care and cleaning products. At the moment we don't analyze the ingredients of dietary supplements, food and medicine. However, products may sometimes be classified to an incorrect product category, so if you think the ingredients of a specific product you're interested in should be analyzed, please email us at, and we'll make it happen.

How to uninstall the Clearya browser extension?
Simply locate the Clearya logo in the upper right corner of your browser, or in the browser's extension menu, right click it, choose "Remove" and approve. We'd appreciate your feedback before you leave: please let us know what went wrong.


If you have any question or feedback to share, please email us at
We read every email. Thanks!