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Our Story

When my wife recovered from cancer she had one request: "Let's keep toxic chemicals out of our home."

Easier said than done! Turns out in order to avoid endocrine disruptors in a soap bar or developmental toxicants in a deodorant you need to be a Chemist working around the clock on deciphering product ingredient names and reading medical articles.

And so we decided to develop an automated way to tap into the combined knowledge of the scientific community and the work done on product safety by regulators around the world.

Two years later, following research and software development, motivated by the passion to live better, Clearya was born: for us, and for everyone else to use.

We hope that one day every household and personal care product we buy, and everything we eat or drink will be 100% safe. We'd like to believe that one day manufacturers will prioritize the wellbeing of their customers above everything else.

But until that moment arrives, our mission at Clearya is to build a digital protective shield that keeps toxic ingredients away, by automatically alerting online shoppers on ingredients of concern.

There's a long journey ahead and we've just begun. Clearya examines whether product ingredients may be toxic by matching ingredient names to thousands of harmful substances in official governmental and scientific chemical databases.

We started with personal care, cosmetics, baby care and household products. We currently run Clearya at the Amazon, Sephora, iHerb, Love Letter, and Walmart websites, and are in the process of adding additional major online retailers.

Please help us create a toxicant free world by sharing with us your feedback and suggestions for improving Clearya.

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Amit and Chen