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How It Works

Clearya automatically scans the ingredient lists of personal care products, cosmetics, baby care and household products before you buy them online, and alerts you when it finds ingredients of concern.

How it works
Clearya is activated when you visit supported shopping websites (currently: Amazon, Sephora, iHerb, Love Letter, and Walmart). When you browse a webpage in a supported product category (beauty products, personal care, baby care and household products), Clearya "wakes up" and automatically searches the webpage for the product's ingredient list. Clearya then checks if any of the listed ingredients is identified as a substance of concern according to several official chemical databases (see which ones below). Many ingredients have tens of different trade names and synonyms, so Clearya checks if the listed ingredients may be identified as toxicants under different names.

After just a few seconds, you can find the results by clicking the Clearya button at the top of the product page, or by clicking the ingredient list that will be highlighted by Clearya.

Clearya alerts
Clearya alerts provide information about ingredients of concern that are in a product according to an official toxicant database, so you can decide what alerts are relevant to your situation. When you click an alert you can see the following details:

You can personalize the type of alerts you'd like Clearya to display to you by modifying the default Alert Settings. For example, you can choose not to be shown alerts on allergens, or on ingredients that are only potentially toxic.

When Clearya displays an "Ingredients Not Listed" status it means that a proper Ingredients section wasn't found in the product page. In this case, Clearya cannot assess whether the product includes ingredients of concern or not. Likewise, Clearya may flag generic terms, such as "fragrance" which do not disclose the actual substances being used.

Our goal is to provide accurate and relevant information to help you decide which products are right for you. However, it's important to know that our analysis is limited by several factors:

Please help us improve: let us know if you think something isn't right.

Supported shopping websites
Clearya currently supports Amazon, Sephora, iHerb, Love Letter, and Walmart. We're busy adding additional online shopping websites, so stay tuned.

Chemical databases used
We currently use the following sources in classifying ingredients as ingredients of concern:

We update our chemical and toxicology sources periodically.

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