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Say no to PFAS: CEH is teaming up with Clearya to help you shop safer

Say no to PFAS: CEH is teaming up with Clearya to help you shop safer

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For years, we’ve tested products to give you the resources to make the best decisions for your family’s health. But we know it’s still not easy, not when there’s so much information to consider while you’re shopping.

We’re excited to announce that it just got much easier to make safe choices. We’re partnering with Clearya, a Google Chrome extension and mobile app that helps you make healthier choices when shopping online.

Through this innovative tech partnership, our scientific data about PFAS chemicals will now seamlessly appear alongside product descriptions when you browse these sites, protecting your right to know what’s in the things you buy, before you buy it!

PFAS chemicals have been around for decades, used in everything from non-stick pans to food packaging. And we’ve known for a long time that these “forever” chemicals can stick around in our bodies for years and cause serious health issues, from increased risk of cancer, to hormonal changes, to developmental and learning issues in children.

There are thousands of PFAS chemicals, far too many for any regular person to keep track of, and most are poorly regulated or not regulated at all. And while some companies have taken steps to reduce their use—McDonald’s has announced plans to eliminate PFAS in their products by 2025, to name one—these dangerous chemicals are still far too common in everyday products.

Clearya already partners with great organizations protecting your health including Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, ChemSec, the Ecology Center, and more. We’re proud to join that list, and our partnership with Clearya will now make it easier than ever to check for PFAS chemicals when you shop online. (This is especially important now, during the pandemic, when more and more of our collective shopping is happening online.)

We hope you’ll check out Clearya by downloading their Google Chrome extension, Android app, or iPhone app today. It’s a great way to empower yourself to make safer choices for your family while shopping—and a step toward choking off demand for toxic products and eliminating them for good.

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